Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Riedl



• 650m2 lab space (230m2 under controlled particle levels) • Organic and metal evaporation cluster system, sputter deposition (Al:ZnO, ITO, ZnSnO) • ALD coating system (BENEQ-TFS200), home-built MLD system • Glove box systems (Braun) with integrated spin coater, attached to evaporator • Perovskite thin film technology (solution or thermal evaporation) • Setup for the growth of perovskite single crystals • Seeded solution based growth of thick perovskite layers with a thickness >100µm. • Charge injecting/extracting electrodes including interfacial layers to match the electronic alignment. • Study of electrode selectivity and blocking behavior • Permeation barrier technology, Atomic Layer Deposition • Optical emission spectroscopy with a wide range of continuous and pulsed excitation lasers from the UV to the visible spectral range. • Optical absorption/transmission spectroscopy (UV-VIS) • Optical gain spectroscopy, waveguide absorption spectroscopy • Scanning Kelvin Probe, scanning calorimetry • Spectral Ellipsometry (Woollam, UV-IR) • Atomic Force Microscopy (Bruker) • Electrical characterization (I/V, C/V, mobility, etc.) • high-resolution electron microscopopy with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (EDX) • various scanning probe microscopy techniques (C-AFM, Scanning thermal microscopy). • dynamic electron beam induced current (EBIC) investigations in the frequency domain) • …

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